Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anna's Saloon

Josh sent me this sketch of Anna Lynn Boyd's saloon and brothel.  This is the setting component of my thesis, meaning this is the setting I will model.  I may need to ask him for a more finished drawing, but that will depend on what the review board says.  I'm confident I could work from this drawing as a basis.

I thought of each model with a specific purpose for each.  Basically, they each fill a niche in the thesis, and show various skills I need to have mastered as a modeler.  What they're each for is laid out in my proposal, but I thought I'd explain in more detail here.

1. Bodacious Creed and Anna Lynn Boyd.  Creed fills the spot of the human(oid) organic model that, if in a movie, would have to be done as a CGI character to look right.  Anna Lynn Boyd is there to show that I can do a realistic human, which is valuable in a film when using digital doubles.

2. Coconino.  This coyote fills the need for an animal model.  The steam-cybernetic parts will show that I can do something different with it.

3. Scrumptious.  Anna's robot will be a hard surface model, as opposed to an organic model.  While organic models are living or naturally occurring things, like animals, plants, and mountains, hard surface models are manufactured things, like buildings, cars, and robots.

4. Anna's Saloon.  While this could also be considered hard surface in most respects, the more important aspect is that it's a setting.  It's a pretty complex one at that, and will be very involved, but also very fun to complete.

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