Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joshua Stewart's Final Creed Concept Art

It's hard to believe that the concept art phase for Bodacious Creed is coming to a close!  Josh sent me the his final images yesterday and today.  It was strange for me to get the final one and to think, "Okay, what is he supposed to send next?" and realize that the answer is, "Nothing."  It's been a blast working with him.  I hope to work with him again in the future, but I know he and I will be following each other's work.

So, here are those pictures.  First, we have the clothed turn around images of Bodacious Creed.

Finally, we have Josh's innovative work on Creed's heart unit.  This isn't actually an artificial heart.  As I think I talked about early on in the blog, it's an ether power cell that energizes Creed's body and keeps him, well, undead.

I'll be putting all this together in my proposal soon, so that I can send it off to the university, so that the review board will have it when I do my Midpoint Presentation.

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