Friday, June 25, 2010

Tee Shirt and More

Just a quick note here, since I'm heading out for a walk in a minute!

I just submitted my request to do my Midpoint Review, and should be hearing back from AAU within a week for the date and time of my online appointment!  I'm excited.  I've put a lot of work into this, as has Team Bodacious, and I plan to give an outstanding presentation so I can continue on as an MFA candidate.

The first vlog is coming along, bit by bit!  I do, of course, have other responsibilities, and it's going a little slower than I had hoped.  It looks good though and I'm eager to share it with everyone.

So, like Bodacious Creed?  Think this should eventually go beyond the thesis?  Into my whole Steampunk/Old West/Horror blend?  Then check out the first Bodacious Creed tee shirt!  I will be splitting half of the profits from this with Josh, who did the concept art.  I also have plans for an Anna Lynn Boyd shirt, which I will, hopefully, have time to get done today.

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