Sunday, March 15, 2015

New Editions Coming Soon

Somehow, in between everything else I need to get done, I have republished my first two novels! Here's what the new editions look like:

Not bad, huh? But you may wonder why I bothered to republish them now. Here are some of the major reasons.

  1. I have learned something about book covers in the age of ebooks and Amazon: namely, that people usually see thumbnails of covers first, and those thumbnails have to catch a potential reader's eye. So I decided to go with big, bold, iconic covers with simple backgrounds.
  2. Related to the above, I wanted to improve my branding and to give all my covers a simpler look, namely, that big, bold, iconic cover image with a simple background. They are also all going to be under the heading of my own small publishing company, Bodacious Publishing.
  3. I wanted to offer a little more in each of these books. Now, both Children of Rhatlan and Tamshi's Imp have a group discussion section in the back. Children of Rhatlan also has a new afterword.
  4. Naturally, I hope to sell more books and to gain more loyal readers. This was the first step. I may also release a new edition of Amber in the Over World, my YA fantasy novel. I'm not sure about re-releasing Seeds of Vision, though.
  5. All this is leading up to the release of the book many have been waiting for and which I am eager to finish, Bodacious Creed. Though it is a steampunk zombie western, and not fantasy, it will have the same cover style, a discussion section, and more.
  6. By republishing them through CreateSpace, I've been able to reduce the price of each from $15.95 to $9.95!

Here's some trivia about my work on these.

  1. Before I got back to work on these, I was afraid that the latest versions had been lost. Due to a few hard drive crashes over the years, at first, I wasn't able to find them in any other but pdf and Kindle format, neither of which would convert back to Word for me. Fortunately, I was able to recover some information from an older drive and found them there.
  2. Children of Rhatlan was a Dream Realm Awards finalist in 1999.
  3. Tamshi's Imp had more typos than any author should want in the finished manuscript. I was able to go through and fix most of them. I suspect there are a few that my eye didn't catch, but the most egregious are fixed.
  4. I once sent Tamshi's Imp to an agent at the same time that my author friend Steven Savile was trying to get that agent to sign me, because Steve loved my books. The agent told him (and yes, I'm paraphrasing, based on what Steve told me), "I don't know. I'm about to send an offer to another author who sent in a great novel. My first reader read it and said it's the most original fantasy novel she's read in years." As it turned out, they were both talking about me. Yes, that book was Tamshi's Imp. (Unfortunately, he wasn't able to sell it, as, at 67K words, it was shorter than what publishers were looking for in a first novel.)
  5. I met James Rollins one year at World Fantasy Con. (I think it was the one in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1998 or 1999). If you haven't heard of him... why haven't you heard of him? He's a popular and prolific fantasy author and terrific guy. I asked if he had time to read Tamshi's Imp, and he did, and had this to say about it. "Jonathan Fesmire continues to grow as the fantasist of the new generation. Tamshi's Imp is a blend of magic and mayhem, heartbreak and heroism, sorcery and suspense, but at its heart, its also of redemption and the undying power of love. It's an adventure not to be missed!"

There you have it! A bit of the why, a bit of the how, and a bit of trivia. Currently, I'm waiting for my proof copies, which are due to arrive on Monday, March 23, and once I've looked them over and am satisfied, I will release them to the public. Keep an eye on this blog for more, or on the Bodacious Creed fan page at

I have also discontinued the current print and Kindle versions of these books. If Amazon has any print copies left, now's the time to get them!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Creed Update & New Book Cover

Note: This is an update I just posted to the Bodacious Creed Kickstarter page.
Howdy Everyone!
First, I'm sending out a big thank you to all of you, my loyal and patient backers. Thank you! I know that the Bodacious Creed is going to be later than I anticipated, so I wanted to give you this update about the progress, my writing in general, and life.
I've been back in school for the last seven months, taking one course per month, to earn my M.S. in Special Education. You see, I'm a single father of a wonderful boy who has autism, and I want to be able to help other kids like him, and also have a schedule that works well with his. Plus, it will give me the summers off to really focus on art and writing.
Between work, job hunting, and school, I haven't had the kind of time for creative pursuits that I'd like to. I'm about half way through Bodacious Creed now, and know what big events are coming next. At the end of March, I'll be taking a hiatus from grad school to work on the book and to get it done.
In preparation for the eventual publication of Bodacious Creed, I am also re-releaseing some of my previous books, with new covers. While writing BC takes serious concentration, with the covers, I'm able to get some done, then get homework done, then come back to the image. I'm looking forward to having some very focused time to work on the novel and to start updating that word count again!
Here are a few important sites, in case you haven't visited them or don't have the links.
My personal site:
Bodacious Creed Facebook Page:
I highly recommend following that page, as I post small updates there quite often.
Here's the new cover for Children of Rhatlan. Many of you received an ebook edition of it for backing Bodacious Creed. If you've read it, feel free to post what you thought of it! If you haven't, maybe this new cover will inspire you to read it now.
Thanks again, and more soon.
Jonathan Fesmire

Friday, February 6, 2015

"Tamshi's Imp" Profits Fight Money in Politics

Though I think that Bodacious Creed is going to be my best novel once it's finished, my best published novel to date, in my opinion, is Tamshi's Imp.

For the next two months--so, from this moment until midnight on April 6, all profits for Tamshi's Imp will go to Wolf Pac! The book is just $2.99 for Kindle, and I will donate the profits from the print versions as well.

What is Wolf Pac?

The first question should really be, "What is The Young Turks?" That's where this all starts. I'll make this brief.

The Young Turks is the world's largest online news organization. This creator of this progressive news outlet, Cenk Uygur (pronounced "Jenk You-gur") saw that the biggest threat to U.S. democracy today is the fact that the very rich can, and do, buy representatives. Most members of Congress no longer represent the people. They are almost completely owned by conservative, crony-capitalist corporations.

Uygur created Wolf Pac to get money out of politics. Usually it takes Congress to pass an amendment to the Constitution, but there's no way Congressmen are going to vote to give up the donor money they receive. Fortunately, the states can call for a Constitutional convention to pass a new amendment, and several states have already signed on for this, thanks to Wolf Pac. We are making progress.

Getting money out of politics will mean that our representatives are beholden to us, the people of the United States, and not to corporate interests.

Why Wolf Pac?

The root problem with U.S. politics is that our government does not respect our wishes or needs due to being bought off by the very wealthy. Cure the disease, and you'll remove the symptoms. That's why I've wanted to support Wolf Pac for a long time. It finally struck me today that I had a ready-made way to do so: by donating the profits from one of my novels to the cause.

You can also always donate to Wolf Pac directly! If you buy my book though, you'll also be getting a great read.

Oh, I also recommend watching The Young Turks, which you can catch on YouTube, for frank, unscripted news.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Casting "Tamshi's Imp"

Tonight, I discovered a site called If List, that allows anyone to put up a proposal for a film and to then cast that movie. I just had a lot of fun casting what I believe is my best novel so far, Tamshi's Imp, the story of a woman who discovers a cult bent on taking over the world and destroying the gods of her world. Most of the people who have read my books agree that it is my best so far (I plan for Bodacious Creed to surpass it), so I figured it would be fun to come up with a cast and filmmakers, and it definitely was.

You can check that out at Tamshi's Imp on If List. If you've read it, feel free to cast who you think would most appropriately fill the roles! If not, you can buy it on Amazon in print or Kindle format. Look, I'm not great at marketing my own books. Not yet, anyway. But this is a damned good read if I do say so myself and I just want people to enjoy it. Even James Rollins, writing under his pseudonym James Clemens, endorsed it.

Once I finally finish and publish Bodacious Creed, I plan to set up an If List page for it as well. I mean, this is just too damned fun!

On a final note for this post, I have been extraordinarily busy recently with school (have I mentioned I'm working on my M.S. in Special Education?), 3D printing, looking for a new office job (I'm having nerve problems in my right leg, and any job for which I have to stand up for very long causes more damage), and spending time with my son. I'm going to create some new posts about the printer, work on Bodacious Creed, and more soon. Today was the final day of my current class (well, technically yesterday, as it's 12:11 am now), so I anticipate some time to write some more posts.

Monday, January 12, 2015

70,000 Words!

Well, it's about time! After hovering right at about 68,000 for awhile, I've finally gotten Bodacious Creed to 70,000 words. I have no excuse for the delays.

Actually, I do, and it's called stress. Rather than get into the details though, I'm happy to say that the book is rolling along again. Sometimes, a story gets to a point where a lot changes in one swoop, and the writer has to figure out how the story world is going to adjust. That's where this story is, but I press forward.

In any case, I estimate that the book will be about 120,000 words long, so at 70,000, I'm just 50,000 away! My life is busy, but I'm going to put in the effort to write at least 1,000 words per day. (This will likely speed up once I really get into the swing of it.)

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bust of Creed

My pal John has a 3D printer, and printed this bust of Bodacious Creed.

Though the model he used is little more than a base mesh, which gets modified to look high-rez in my Bodacious Creed Demo Reel using a displacement map and normal map, the print still came out looking pretty good!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Status Update

Howdy folks! Every once in awhile I like to do a status update in which I over share so that those of you interested in my various projects know what's up.

When you think of writers and artists, it's probably easy to imagine us in some idyllic world where we just get to write and create art all day. That would be nice, but the truth is that like most, we have day jobs, loved ones, and a lot of other obligations. As for me, I now have a fun full-time job, and I'm back in grad school full time. (Fortunately, my classes are online, and work is a two minute drive away.) I'm also working on a new demo reel (you can see my current reel on either my personal website or the Bodacious Creed site). Most importantly, I'm a single dad with an awesome son.

I also created some steampunk iPhone cases recently for the iPhone 6 and for the Samsung Galaxy S5, which you can find in my Bodacious 3D shop on Shapeways. (The site recently lowered the price of plastic, so they're quite affordable!)

So yes, busy!

I am getting two weeks off school during the Christmas holiday season, and am going to put o9ut the effort to write more of Bodacious Creed, my forthcoming novel.

A buddy of mine with a 3D printer also set aside about half a spool of plastic to print things for me, so I hope to get a certain Bodacious Creed model done, and then to figure out what else I'd like him to print.

I realize I also haven't been updating this blog with new general steampunk posts, and I hope to do more of that soon as well. I  keep seeing interesting things, but I just have to get to them.

And that's my update. I hope this finds the rest of you enjoying some free time!