Friday, June 18, 2010

Working on the Vlog

I just stared putting together the first Bodacious Creed vlog today!  Most of you probably know that vlog is short for "Video Blog" or "Video Log."  This own will compliment this blog and allow me to better show the process of modeling the characters for my thesis.

I feel that Team Bodacious (me, and the two wonderful concept artists helping me... see the sidebar for more info) now has enough concept art material for me to create an intriguing first video post.

I also created a new YouTube channel for this today.  I figure that there's always a small chance I'll get a lot of subscribers and be able to make a little money back being a YouTube partner.

You Jonathan Coulton fans out there may like to know that I'm using the Karaoke version of "Better" as the music for this first video.  His music is free to use for non commercial projects, which the vlog is at this point.  If (big if) I do get to be a YouTube partner, I'll see if I can work out with him a way to send him a portion of the proceeds from views of any of my videos using his music.  Fingers crossed, yeah?  But seriously, that song is perfect for this first video.  Gotta use it.

I'll post here when it's live.

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