Monday, June 14, 2010

How Turntables are Used

Though we're still in the concept art phase, I wanted to give everyone an idea of how I'll use the illustrated turntables when I start modeling.

As shown here, they will be attached to various cameras in the scene.  The way they work, I can actually move the images very far back in virtual space and still have them match up in size in each camera!  This will allow me to line up vertexes (points) to the reference images, helping me to block out the basic shape of the model.

I'll probably be using a human base mesh creation technique that I learned from Tareq Mirza in Organic Modeling for Boyd and Creed, and shaping it to the correct basic body shape for each character.

I'll be moving around the image planes here before I start modeling, but I thought in the current positions, the image would be easier to understand.

What's a base mesh?  It's a simple and rather blocky, low polygon model, that can then have its resolution increased for more detailed modeling.  I'll share some base mesh images as the thesis goes on.

In this image, each of the four panes shows a different camera angle I can work from.

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