Thursday, June 10, 2010

Between Post

I have no new concept art to share yet, but there's a bit of news, anyway.

The concept artists on Team Bodacious are working hard on the project.  Josh (Joshua Stewart) and Allison (Allison Stigall) are working on the turn table art of Anna Boyd, and a color version of Coconino, respectively.  I got to see the colored version of Coconino in progress, and it's looking great.

I had a painful delay to the project lately.  Fortunately, it only lost me a few days.  Three words: Hard Drive Crash.  My main drive decided to die on me.  The Geek Squad guy I talked to when I went to Best Buy checked it, and said that power was getting to it, but the data port was blown, so no information was being passed from the drive.  The upshot is that the data should all be intact.  The downshot (that should be a word) is that it is impractical for me to try to retrieve the data at this time.  The second upshot is that I had a backup of most of my data.

So, I had to get a new hard drive.  Probably a good thing, considering I'll need more space as I created models for Bodacious Creed and other things.  I've been doing a lot of reinstalling.  I still need to reinstall MS Office and re-register Quick Time Pro, but otherwise, I'm happily up and running.

Was that fun?  Did you enjoy me talking about my hard drive crash?  Yeah, blogs can be dull.

I'll have more interesting things to share soon.  I promise.

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