Friday, June 18, 2010

Nailing the Look of Bodacious Creed

Josh sent two new Creed pictures to me today!

The first is getting closer to how I envision creed, but still not there.  It's been a challenge for both of us, for me to get across exactly what I want, and for Josh to interpret what I want.  I think a big part of that challenge comes from the fact that Creed presents a series of contradictions.

He needs to be majestic, yet decrepit.  Ugly, yet clearly having once been handsome.  He needs to have some machinery replacing a parts of his face, yet still clearly be an organic being, not a robot wrapped in skin.  On top of all that, if he were in a movie, he would have to be done as a CG character, to look right.

This has been good experience for both of us, that I'm sure will be a boon for future projects.

So, here, I present you the first image he sent me today, and the second.  We got into more detail about Creed's look after he sent me this first one.  As I said, the first picture wasn't quite what I wanted, but is still a terrific image.

It also allowed me to narrow down my description.  Josh used that to create this concept drawing, which really nails down the look!  Creed will be dressed on the final model, but I will be modeling him, and Boyd for that matter, nude before I model their clothing.

More later!

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