Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simply Scrumptious (Turntable)

 Well folks, Josh (check his link in the sidebar!) just sent me this turntable for Scrumptious, the Steampunk robot in my thesis!  I love it.  It has all the elements I wanted: tall, strong looking, and definitely a blend of Old West and Steampunk.  As I further develop the back story in my mind, Scruptious is a pretty important character.  Though mechanical, Josh has infused him with personality.

It's going to be a lot of fun to model this guy.

Scrumptious is the main hard surface model of my thesis.  That means, he needs to look more manufactured than organic.  You can see here how the hands look pretty organic.  The way I'm going to make that work is to have the hands beneath be metal and very structured, and the look you see here from leather gloves that go over the hands to protect the machinery when he's doing heavy work.  In the story, he'll take the gloves off when doing intricate work that requires high dexterity.

Scrumptious is a servant robot.  He (huh, can't really bring myself to say "it" very often for him) can be programmed for certain tasks and can follow many simple instructions.

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