Thursday, September 18, 2014

Steamfest Roma 2014: This Is How Italy Does Steampunk

Rome, Italy, recently hosted "Steamfest Roma." More places need Steampunk festivals, so go Rome! The Italian site for Rolling Stone Magazine has terrific pictures of the event, where many steampunk fans came in costume. The images give a good sense of sheer variety of attire. Yes, there were a lot of top hats, a lot of glasses with round lenses, and a lot of goggles. There were also leather and metal masks, jewelry, corsets, and general steampunk fashion. Some wore gadgets, and some gadgets were actually modern technology given a steampunk look.

The festival featured food, music, booths, and much more. Not everyone came costumed, a sure sign that the event brought in many people who wanted to learn what steampunk is all about as well.

The Steamfest Roma Rolling Stone page features dozens of pictures. I had no idea that Italians were so into steampunk, but I just love it. I wish I could have gone!

If you'd like to read more about Steampunk Roma, here are a few links. If you don't speak Italian, I recommend using Google Chrome and the translate feature.

Steampunk Roma 2014
RomeGuide Blog

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