Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Patreon Update

My astute readers may have noticed that I've changed the title of the blog to "Steampunk in Art and Writing."

I will still share all my Bodacious Creed updates here! I wanted to officially expand the content though to include anything interesting I find online about the steampunk genre.

There's a musician out there whom I owe an entry. I've been too busy to create videos. I enjoy creating them, but I find that they take a lot of work, and that I can share information much more quickly by writing about it and sharing images and links. So, that's what I'm going to do.

As such, I've updated the my Patreon account. You can now support this blog and all the writing, art, and steampunk entries by pledging $1.00 or more per month. There will be vlog entries as well, sometimes, but not very frequently, so think of them as a bonus.

You may be wondering what I'm doing with the rest of my time! Well, I'm a single father, so raising my son is the most important thing I do. I've just started a new masters program in special education, as I plan to work as a special ed teacher for children with mild to moderate disabilities. I do some freelance writing to make ends meet, and, of course, I'm working hard on Bodacious Creed: A Steampunk Zombie Western. I hope, hope, hope, to have the book out around next August! I continue to create 3D models as a hobby.

Visit the links in this entry! If you support writing, the arts, and are a Steampunk fan, please support this blog on Patreon  as well!

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