Wednesday, September 10, 2014

About the Creedverse

The Creedverse is what I call the world of my upcoming steampunk novel, Bodacious Creed.

I've had the Bodacious Creed website up and running for over a year now, but I had left a few pages blank. Today, I began to fill those in. Why has it taken so long? The main reason has to do with writing the book. I had to set up certain rules for how my steampunk universe would work, and though I had a good idea what those would be, they weren't ironed down enough.

How are the robots (automata) powered? How do they function and think? Are there any other historical differences? Is that steampunk device "The Luminiferous Ether" somehow incorporated?

Now, you can read some fascinating specifics about the technology and science of Bodacious Creed! Just head over to the site and click on the link for "The Setting."

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