Thursday, July 14, 2011

Video On Its Way

I'm getting very close to having the Bodacious Creed model finished!  I'm finishing up a new vlog showing most of the work I did over the last week, which includes a strap for the mask, more refinements and details on the body, buttons, and stitching.

Here's an updated list of what I still need to do.

1. Body
     a. Refine wounds.
     b. Add scab and fraying look to wound edges.
2. Wound layer: Give a more deathly look to the texture.
3. Skull: add sutures where scull plates are fused.
4. Mechanical parts
     a. Texture. (Check on Digital Tutors to see if there's a handy tutorial to help me brush up my metal texturing skills.)
     b. Sculpt damage layer.
5. Clothes: scuff up so that they look worn in.
6. Holsters
     a. Detail/sculpt.
     b. Stitch.
7. Guns - texture metal parts.
8. Finger and toe nails.
     a. Shape, including shaping skin around them.
     b. Texture.

Hopefully it won't take all that long!  We're already in Module 8 of 15 for the summer semester... over half way through!

Speaking of semesters, I registered for the fall semester today.  I'm also going to petition to graduate soon!  I also plan to walk in the graduation ceremony in the Spring, as it's held just once a year.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll be living and working in L.A. at that time and have to come up to San Francisco for the ceremony!

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