Monday, July 18, 2011

Short List

I got some good work done on Creed's wounds and skin on Saturday! I'll include that in a vlog soon. Meanwhile, my to do list for the undead gunslinger is getting short! Here it is.

1. Mechanical parts
a. Texture.
b. Sculpt damage layer.
2. Clothes: scuff up so that they look worn in.
3. Holsters
a. Detail/sculpt.
b. Stitch.
4. Guns - texture metal parts.

I'm starting on the mechanical parts now. At the moment, I'm getting the numbers onto the dials of the brain interface unit.

Much of the metallic texturing will be done in Maya. But there are details to be done in zBrush and Photoshop, things that can be layered in with the metal, so I'm starting on that now.

We're in Module 9 already. Have I mentioned that summer semester just speeds by? Might have once or ten times. Just six modules left!

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