Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Big "US Martial Robert Creed" To Do List

I wrote this list today, to help organize and focus my work.  As I've mentioned, I'll be concentrating on finishing Bodacious Creed himself first, then Anna Lynn Boyd, and then Coconino.  Then I'll create the posed scenes that will appear in my demo reel.  That will involve some polishing-up on all the models, but at least the major model-creation work will be done.

So, here's the big list for Creed.  (I'm working on the mouth and tongue.  As I write this, I'm bouncing them back into zBrush.)

Creed To Do List:

1. Gums & Tongue
     a. Separate tongue from gums.  (Ann suggested this, as it's how they do it in the movies.)
     b. Sculpt gums to fit teeth.
     c. Texture tongue and gums.
2. Body
     a. Refine wounds.
     b. Detail hands.
     c. Detail feet.
     d. Detail/fix texture on lips.
3. Wound layer
     a. Make wounds look more "dead" through texturing.
     b. Sculpt muscles.
4. Hat
     a. Stitching.
     b. Model & texture hat strap.
5. Mask
     a. Get bolts into head, or...
     b. Consider straps around head. Might look more "wild west."
6. Bones
     a. Skull - add suture joint areas.
     b. All - complicate textures & make slightly porous.
7. Retexture neck muscles so they match the rest of the muscles.
8. Mechanical parts.
     a. Texture.
     b. Sculpt damage layers.  In the scene where he wakes up, the mechanical parts should look brand new.  In the next two scenes, they should look more weathered.
9. Coat
     a. Texture collar and pockets.
     b. Sculpt and stitch collar and pockets.
10. All clothes - scuff up, make look worn.
11. Holsters
     a. Sculpt into shape.
     b. Detailing, including stitching.
12. Belt
     a. Sculpt into shape.
     b. Detailing, including stitching.
13. Guns
      a. Texture

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