Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creed's Mouth

I'm going to have SO much to put in a vlog soon.

Today, I've decided to tackle the problem of the interior of Creed's mouth.

For an ordinary model, one doesn't have to worry too much about getting the inside of the mouth exact.  It's generally enough to extrude the polygons inward from the lips, make sure there's some space in the mouth area, and extrude it down into the throat.  Create teeth and gums separately, and it will look perfectly good for images and animation.

However, Bodacious Creed has a big hole in his right cheek.  Fortunately for him, the main muscles are intact, but much of the skin had to be removed in bringing him back.  Since you can see the inside of the mouth from that gaping wound, the interior has to look right!

I've never modeled the inside of a mouth in detail before.  I expect this will be time consuming, but I also anticipate a really cool looking result.

Back to that now.  I think after I've done this, and perhaps even textured it, that will be the time to create my next vlog.

Oh, here's an image of the work in progress, after I put the hole in his right cheek.

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