Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Starting to Model!


I figured I'd report the progress I've been making on the Bodacious Creed models over the last couple of weeks.  I've shown some of the photographs I'll be using to base my 3D models on.  I've also started the actual process of modeling the figures.

I'm about half way through with the base mesh of Creed's head for my Head Sculpture and Facial Expressions class.  I just started creating my base mesh for Anna Lynn Boyd for Group Directed Study.  For that, my instructor gave me a reference 3D mesh to use, as the topology for a female model is a little different than for a male model.  Why not just use that mesh?  Well, I need to learn how to create one myself!  The reference will be a great help in that.  I'm actually using the instructions for building a human base mesh from my Organic Modeling 1 class, and will refer to the female mesh to see what I need to build differently.

For Organic Modeling 2, I will be modeling Bodacious Creed's entire body.  So far, I've just set up the Maya file with the reference images I'll need.  One thing I'm wondering is if I can, or should, take the head model from Head Sculpture and Facial Expressions and graft it to Creed's body, or if I should create it from scratch, but use the same methodology as in the head sculpture class.

Hey, isn't this fun reading all this technical stuff?

The short version is that I'm creating the main character models, and though I have nothing to share with you all yet, the project is moving along well!

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