Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Face of Creed

For my Head Sculpture & Facial Expressions course, I had a little problem.  Nothing big, but it needed to be addressed.

As cool as the head angles for Bodacious Creed, since he's already quite decayed in them, my instructor encouraged me to start off with him as he was alive.  This means getting head shots of a person who looks like he could play Creed in a movie.

Know who would make a great Bodacious CreedNathan Fillion.  Holy crap... I can't believe Nathan Fillion is younger than me...

Anyway, that's not who I'm using.

Instead, I got a subscription to, a site that specializes in resources for 3D artists.  I'm going to go through there and find one of their models who looks good for the role, and use his head.

So grateful for royalty free stuff.

More later!

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