Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anna is Cast!

So, I decided to use the second model, the one I posted yesterday, as the basis for Anna Lynn Boyd.  Beautiful model, you are cast in the role!

It's going to be a very busy (but very fun) semester!  Here's what I'll be doing for each of my classes:

Head Sculpture & Facial Expressions: Modeling Creed's head and rigging it for animation.

Organic Modeling 2: Modeling as much as I can of Bodacious Creed over the semester.

Group Directed Study: Modeling as much as I can of Anna Lynn Boyd, and doing whatever other thesis planning is required from the class.  For instance, one of my first assignments is to plan the shots for my thesis demo reel.

In addition to the thesis work, I've been writing the Bodacious Creed graphic novel.  I've written the first draft of the first chapter.

For now, I leave you with an image of the model I chose for Anna Lynn, as well as one of Josh's concept drawings for her.

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