Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sexy Anna Lynn

I'm almost done with the base mesh for Anna Lynn Boyd!

Now, that might not mean much to a lot of readers, though others probably know exactly what I'm talking about.  So, I'll break it down.

When modeling just about anything with polygons, you want to first create a model with few polygons.  However, you want it to be shaped as close to the person, creature, or object you're modeling as possible.  Imagine drawing a grid all over your body that defines the shape of you.

That's basically what I'm doing, only in the computer, and of Anna Lynn.

Anyway, it's shaping up very nicely.  I'm working on the face now.  I'm actually using a mix of instructions and blending them together.  The first is from when I took Organic Modeling, and learned from Tareq Mirza how to create a male base mesh.

However, that mesh was primarily for anatomical study.  The layout of the body is very good for other applications, but I've tried sculpting different looks from the head of that model, and it doesn't deform as well as I need.

So, I'm using the instructions from Head Sculpture and Facial Expressions to model the head and face.  This took some serious retopologizing of the model of the head, while not altering the body.  But with that out of the way, the actual modeling of the head is coming along really well.  I'm working on the nose and ears today.

For Bodacious Creed, I'll do something similar.  One exception is that I should be able to take the head model for him from Head Sculpture, and graft it onto the body I'll be modeling in Organic Modeling 2.

Sorry if your head is now spinning.

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