Monday, September 20, 2010

Much Ado About Anna

I've been putting a lot of hours into modeling the  base mesh for Anna Lynn Boyd this week.

Anna's a fascinating character: a woman in her mid 20s, she's a brothel madam, and an inventor/engineer.  She's quite successful for her age; her intelligence and business sense have gotten her far.

This is a woman who will raise the dead if she thinks it will do some good.

If you've  been reading the blog up to here, you know that I thought I had picked out the right model, twice, before settling on one who really looks the part.

Here are a couple of jpegs comparing Josh's concept work to the model I chose for Anna.

Here's the base mesh I created of her.  It's just about ready to go into sculpting and detailing mode in zBrush!

To better understand my own character, I bought a very good book on prostitution in the Old West.

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