Sunday, September 5, 2010

Head Sculpture & Facial Expressions

Head Sculpture & Facial Expressions is my elective class this semester.  What that means is that, though it can relate to my thesis, it doesn't have to.  I have two directed study classes this semester specifically for thesis work.

The great thing is that I am doing something related to my thesis in Head Sculpture & Facial Expressions.  Which means, I'm doing something for my thesis that wasn't in the proposal!

The semester long task for this class is to model and rig a head.  Makes sense, right?  And, if you're working on your thesis, you're supposed to do this for the main character.

Yay!  I get to make a separate head model for Bodacious Creed, create expressions for him, and rig 'im!  Not only will that look great to future employers, it will also look great in my demo reel.

And... if you want to see some of the head sculptures I've done for Couch Zombies, visit the Couch Zombies YouTube Channel (and subscribe!), and the Couch Zombies blog!  They're both very entertaining.  I promise.

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