Saturday, June 4, 2011

A zBrush Quirk

This is more about stitching, or really any sort of zBrush detailing. It also probably won't make a lot of sense to anyone not familiar with the program. But the main point of this vlog is to document my progress and take notes on what I'm learning, whether others understand it or not.

I finished the stitching on Creed's jacket and pants. But then I thought about when I'll go through and add wrinkles, and I wondered how that would affect the stitching.

So, at the highest ordinary subdivision level (as opposed to the HD geometry), I sculpted over some of the stitching with the clay brush.

And the stitching was brushed away.


Or so I thought.

Then I tried something else. The stitching was done in HD geometry, the clay just one subdivision level lower. What if I brought the subdivision level even lower than that, applied the clay brush, and then brought it back up to the highest?

Low and behold, that worked! The stitching remained detailed, and the shape of the clay went along with it just fine.

And, the truth is, most of the clothing wrinkles won't need to be sculpted at a high level of geometry, anyway.

For me, that means I can happily continue with the seams without worrying too much about how that will affect the wrinkles later on.


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