Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early Summer Turntables

Here are the turntables I mentioned yesterday, in my vlog:

You can get an idea of how the stitching looks from this video, though here's some detail from the back of Creed's duster:

Here are Creed's and Anna's guns:

In addition, I"ve started working on the base mesh for Coconino, the coyote character.  It's very basic right now, but I think the topology is good.  You have to start from a good base to have a really good high resolution character.

And, since the semester is half as long as a regular semester, and it looks like Ann will be responding to my work frequently, I'll be posting my work to our class section daily.  So, even though that mesh is super brand new, I've already posted it there.

More work to do now!

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