Thursday, March 3, 2011

Two New Vlogs

Usually I post here when I have a vlog done, but this time, I waited until I had two.  So, you get to see what I've been doing for the last few weeks.

Creed is now more emaciated, what you would expect from someone buried in the ground for a few weeks, and his clothes are also fit to that frame.  I've started detailing his face, though I'll have to show that in a future video. I've also been working on more of Anna's clothes, including her Steampunk goggles.

Oh, and I got a Wacom Cintiq!  That's an awesome tablet/monitor combination that allows me to, basically, work DIRECTLY on my models without the disconnect of a separate tablet and screen.

Plus, you can watch a video showing my work on shaping the clothing in the first video, and it includes the entire awesome song, "Better," by Jonathan Coulton.  Listen to the lyrics and not only will you laugh, but you'll understand why I chose it as theme music for Bodacious Creed.

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