Monday, March 21, 2011

150th Post!

Dang, this is the longest and most regular blog I've ever kept. That makes me happy.

So, I recently created the base mesh for Bodacious Creed's mask.

Why does he have a mask in the first place?  When Anna decided to bring him back from the dead, she wanted to do what she could to make him strong and restore him to the heroic lawman he was before he died.  She also wanted to give him an imposing visage.  Fortunately, after just a few weeks buried, his body was in good shape for the ether energy she would use to refresh its functionality.  Unfortunately, he still looked, well, dead.  His machinery would keep him going, and his clothing would cover up most of his body, but a mask, imposing as she made it, would give the right first impression.

As the mask is just a base mesh here, it's rather simple, but it has the right creases and curves.  But you can see more in the video.

I also talk about layers in zBrush.  These are extremely useful for sculpting.  I was mistaken about an aspect of how they work, and since I cleared that up for myself, I figured I'd demonstrate what I learned.

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