Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green Screen

What, Green Screen?

Clearly I don't need one of those for my thesis, as everything is digital anyway. I do want to use one for my vlog, though, for those parts where I'm in the scene. I'd like to put something besides my kitchen in those shots. Besides, learning to do a green screen would be a good experience.

I experimented with that today, to not ideal results. But it did work fairly well, considering that I used a sheet with big creases as a green screen, with less than ideal light.

So, I'm going to try something different, creating a small movable green screen. I will probably need to recored the in-person parts in a different spot than my desk, but I think I can get it looking good.

No promises here, but I do hope to get this going. If I do, you'll get to see the effect at work in my vlog soon.

And, speaking of the vlog, I have a new one to post later today, concerning the nature of sculpting digital humans.

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