Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Concept Sketches

Since Bodacious Creed himself, and the coyote Coconino, need the most adjustment, Josh sent me sketches of them.  Here they are!

I really like the new direction Creed's going.  He looks both more beautified (handsomified?) and more badass at once.  The idea is that Anna Lynn Boyd, on bringing him back to life, would do so in a caring way and want to make sure he was strong and proud.  She would also want him to look a little scary though, as his "job" is to find a murderer.

I want Coconino to look less damaged than in the new coyote sketch, but I let Josh know.  Basically, Coconino was still alive when Boyd found him, and she patched him up with her best technology.  She would have fixed major damage and done her best to make the coyote able to move as freely as it did before.

More coming as Josh polishes up the characters!  Also, I plan to record a vlog on this, time permitting.  I'll post the link later.

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