Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This entry is coming to you from Jonathan Fesmire, MFA Candidate!

I had my Midpoint Review, and the review board accepted Bodacious Creed today!

They did suggest some changes. And, wouldn't you know it, the requirements and expectations were different than I thought.  I had been going by an older file, on what they expected a couple of years ago.

What they now want is turntables and slow motion fly-bys with the characters posed, capturing moments in time.  Due to the hugely complicated nature of the models I proposed, I've been asked to drop the bordello setting, and Scrumptious, the robot.  So, the models will just be Creed, Boyd, Coconino, and a few simple set models to go along with the poses.  Vince likened this to the small sets often used for stage plays.

I've been asked to bring Creed more toward the Steampunk side of his nature, for Boyd to have a simpler dress, and for Coconino's steam-cybernetic parts to work more organically with its body.  Coco should be able to move and act like a normal coyote, and if anything, be enhanced rather than encumbered.

The argument for bringing Creed more toward the Steampunk was compelling: Boyd is a brilliant and sensitive woman, and would put a lot of loving care into him.  Though he had been dead for six months, she would want him to be strong, reinforced, and not so ugly.  Hmm... now I'm thinking that there wouldn't be a whole lot she could do with his face to make it prettier, so a mask might be in order.  Something to discuss with Vince.

I've contacted Joshua to see if he's still available to do more concept art, since these changes need to be made.  And, I'll be talking with Vince DeQuattro over the next couple of days and working with him over the next couple of weeks to get this polished up and ready for next semester.

But I passed!  I passed!  Woohoo!

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