Saturday, July 10, 2010

Files Ready!

So, after a busy week, I finally finished up all the files needed for my Midpoint Review!

These are:

1. The Thesis Proposal.  This is very much like the one I posted here, and that you can download.  If you want to get it, I encourage you to look through old posts.  It's good readin'!

2. The Thesis Presentation.  This is a Power Point presentation that hits the highlights and shows some of my modeling and texture work to date.

3. My Demo Reel.  This is the one that I wrote about in an earlier post today, and that you can watch on YouTube.

And, while not needed, I added:

4. The first Bodacious Creed vlog.  You can see that a few posts back.

Tomorrow morning, I will mail two CDs with these files to the Midpoint Review Coordinator, so that the committee will have them by the time of my review.  But for now, I'm really tired.  I'm going to bed soon.

Good night.

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