Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joshua Stewart's first Bodacious Creed Sketches

Joshua gave me the go ahead to post his concept art for my thesis.  So, here are the first rough sketches he did of the main character of my project, Bodacious Creed!  The second drawing from the left--the one that looks different from the others--is a concept drawing I did, which Joshua used, in addition to my descriptions I gave him, as a reference.

Joshua Stewart is a 2009 Illustrators of the Future winner.  I encourage you to check out his wonderful Web site.

It's fun working with a concept artist, and Joshua is amazing. These are the images he came up with for the main character of my thesis. As this is a 3D Modeling thesis, what's important is that I, of course, do the models. Collaborations on other aspects, such as getting a concept artist, are encouraged.

I'll share more of Joshua's concept art as he completes it. Meanwhile, check out his site!

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