Sunday, May 30, 2010


I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I would be working on some zBrush head sculpts this summer, to fill out my portfolio, to have more samples of my work for my Midpoint Review, and to practice my modeling skills.  I learn a lot in each of my AAU classes, but ther information sinks in better when I apply what I've learned to my own work.

I'm going to enter one of those head sculpts in another deviantArt contest.  I'll share the link after I've finished an posted it.  I'm using skills I learned all the way back to Maya 1, and from classes including Organic Modeling, both beginning and advanced Texturing and Lighting, and anatomy from Anatomy for Artists and Ecorché.

But you, you're probably hear to read more about my badass, undead gunslinger, Bodacious Creed.  Check within the last few posts and feel free to download the latest version of the proposal, which has lost of great concept sketches by Joshua Stewart.

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