Monday, April 5, 2010

Reference Reel

A reference reel is a tool used in the movie industry to give an idea of the look for a project, before the concept art stage even begins. You find clips from movies, or images, that will help to give a vague idea of what you want to create.

So, we did our reference reels in Preproduction this week. My reel included clips from Young Guns II, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Doctor Who, Wild Wild West, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Hellboy. Diverse, huh? But various elements from all these give an idea of the look I want for my project.

I'm going to mail my proposal to myself as proof of copyright. Probably nobody in the industry is going to try stealing the specifics of my idea, but I want to make sure. I think it's that cool, that it might be tempting for someone. And, after that, I'll feel more comfortable sharing details about my progress.

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