Thursday, April 8, 2010


Here is a new drawing of mine for your viewing enjoyment.

I'll be doing my Midpoint Review for my MFA this summer. Once I've passed that, I'll officially be an MFA Candidate. In my case, it will also mean that I've taken all my require courses except for Professional Practices, which I'll take my last semester. Basically, for each of the next three semesters, I'll have two Directed Study "classes" and one regular class. For the next two semesters, those will be electives.

What I'm planning on taking as of now are Drawing the Clothed Figure and Drawing from Imagination. Vince De Quattro may suggest other courses, but I think those are the two that will help me in my career the most. Drawing is an important skill, and being able to draw well helps with other areas of art.

Oh, I did get my poor man's copyright letters back, but I still feel like keeping most of the details of my old west steampunk horror thesis project to myself. There's a notion among writers that, if you tell a story to very many people, you lose the impetus to write it. I presume the same goes for an art project, so I'm still just going to release a bit of information at a time.

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