Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Poor Man's Copyright Proof

Yesterday, I mailed myself three copies of my thesis proposal sheet. It's two pages long, and it outlines the concept and its most important details. I think of this as a poor man's proof of copyright, because it's cheaper than getting papers notarized or registering with the copyright office.

I'm not going to write about my thesis now, however. I've got to get back to my sculpture for my Ecorché class. What is écorché? It's sculpting a figure from the inside out, bones first, then muscles, but without skin. (Ecorché means "flayed" in French.) It's the very best way for an artist to learn anatomy. So, I've been learning a lot in this class, all of which will help with my thesis, and my career, of course! It's sure a lot of time consuming work, though!

So, back to it!

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