Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Lied

So, I lied yesterday, to all of you, but mostly, to myself.

It seems it really is my pattern to, now and then, write some new scene that just springs from my head, and to have to scrap it. I really write a lot better when I plan ahead, and I think that's because I really have to think about what my characters would do before I set it to paper or screen. The upshot of writing these scenes is that they often reveal something to me about the characters, or help me to find solutions for nagging plot problems, which this did.

There's 1,400 words shifted over into another file, my equivalent of the cutting room floor.

I've already made up some of that, though, and plan to make up all those words today. Plus, it cleared my head and allowed me to envision how to approach the actual scenes I had planned. I'm writing one of the first sequences I envisioned when I decided to make Bodacious Creed a novel!

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