Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Back to the Story!

I just wrote the next scene of Bodacious Creed! I just have to say that it's exciting finally getting back to it.  I wrote about 1,400 words today, and this is reflected in the updated word count, 35,600.

The thing is, I had some weird problems with Scrivener. Last week I went to open the file, and it just wouldn't open. I can't fully blame Scrivener, as it happened when I had it open and had a computer crash. Still, this shouldn't happen. You'd think it would have at least opened to the previous version.

With a little tinkering I got it to open up, but, little did I realize, a few scenes were missing. Then, they would start appearing as I added new scenes. I'd go to add the next scene from where I was, and it would be filled with text that was supposed to be in another part of the book. This was Scrivener opening the individual text files that belong in the project, but it somehow overlooked when I managed to (mostly) restore the project file.

So, some of my time today was spent getting those stranded scenes back where they belong.

This scene is interesting in that it wasn't one I expected to write, or even planned. Usually when I start writing a scene like that, I scrap it, realizing it will change the direction of the story. This one actually fits, and sets up something that is going to happen in the next chapter.

So, the upshot of all this is, Bodacious Creed is moving forward again!

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