Monday, April 21, 2014

Exciting New Scenes

I've been doing a lot of writing lately for my day job, which is how I earn a living week to week. I write articles, and the more I write, the more I earn. Rest assured, I'm working on Bodacious Creed, too, though I've had to slow down on the writing for that.

Today, I figured I'd get a Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet so I could do my day job outside the house. I got the keyboard, went to Starbucks, and tried pairing it with my tablet. (I have a Nook HD+ from Barnes & Noble, and excellent tablet, particularly for it's very low price.) The keyboard and Nook just wouldn't pair. I think that, once I can afford it, I'm going to get the keyboard designed for the Nook.

Anyway, I had the notebook I've been writing new scenes for Bodacious Creed in, so I got to work. I have a few thousand more word to type in, which will end up getting longer as I type them in. I forgot a few details as I was speed writing, so I went back and wrote some keywords in the margins to remind me to include them.

I've plotted the story out such that there are frequently exciting new developments for the reader to enjoy, and that makes the writing extra fun. No spoilers, though, which kind of sucks for me, since I'd love to rave about what I wrote today. The thing is, you'll read it. When the book is done, revised, and polished, this will all be out there.

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