Sunday, October 16, 2011


Don't get me wrong based on the title of this blog entry.  I love 3d modeling, sculpting, and texturing.  But right now, what's taking most of my project time as I set up Bodacious Creed for Scene 2?  Is it sculpting the wrinkles into his clothes?  No.  Is it getting his finger nails in place?  No.  It's transferring the textures from the GoZ default directory that zBrush creates over to the proper Maya directory, and re-setting up all the shading connections.

I also checked to see if there's a way to specify the path for zBrush when it exports files to Maya this way, but I couldn't find anything.  So, it's really time consuming.

Seems like something I should let Pixologic know about, a change to request for the next update.

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