Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jonny's Creature Shop: New YouTube Channel

Illustrators keep a sketchbook. (Actually, a lot of artist do, myself included. But to make my point...) Digital quick sculptures are to 3D modelers what sketches are to illustrators. They're a great way to improve skills, stay loose, stay in practice, and to exercise creativity.

With the introduction of Dynamesh in zBrush 4r2, I decided it was time that I started this. And, sharing my work is also something I enjoy, and that keeps me motivated.

So, I started Jonny's Creature Shop, a YouTube channel where I'll be showing off my creative sculpts, AND showing the process of sculpting them. I have two videos up already. Check it out!

For inspiration, a lot of the time I'll be using Fantasy Genesis, a terrific book that helps launch ideas for fantastical things.

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