Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ready to Zoom Forward, and 204th Post

I made my 200th post recently, but didn't mention it! So hey, I guess I'll mention that this is my 204th post. This is the longest blog I've ever kept, and a comprehensive record of the work done on my 3D Modeling thesis.

As my readers know, I'm getting close to the end of it! I graduate with my MFA in December, and as always, am working hard on this project.

Last semester, keeping a to do/check list of steps, I got a lot of work done and kept strongly on track. I'm doing the same now. Here's the list I wrote up yesterday.

Bodacious Creed
To Do List

Scene 1:
1. Fit wound layer properly.
2. Finish object shaders.
3. Possibly do subdermal layer shader for Creed.
4. Base, tool table.
5. Render turntable.

Scene 2:
1. Pose Creed and Coconino.
2. Coconino's fur.
3. Batwing doors, frame.
4. Base.
5. Use Creed shaders from Scene 1 (except for normal/disp maps).
6. Render turntable.

Scene 3:
1. Pose Creed, Boyd, & Coconino.
2. Bar, shelf of bottles.
3. Base.
4. Use Creed shaders from Scene 1 (except for normal/disp maps).
5. Render turntable.

1. Watch a bunch of demo reels.
2. Write detailed shot breakdown.
3. Render all shots for demo reel.
4. Composite demo reel.

This morning, I finished Scene 1: 1. I actually ended up projecting the texture for the wound layer onto the main mesh, as the wound layer was getting too unruly. Funny enough, it now looks more organic, more realistic, and avoids the whole geometry-passing-through-geometry look.

I'm going to upload a new vlog later today where I talk about the process. I recorded it yesterday right when I started projecting the texture over. Meanwhile, I'm exporting the textures from zBrush so that I can load them into Maya. Then, I'll go forward with Scene 1: 2 and get those shaders polished up.

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