Friday, April 29, 2011

Free Flowing Modeling

Since I'm caught up with my rigging class, I just spent the last three hours working on my thesis. So fun! I'm going over Creed, and just doing whatever work I see that needs to be done. I did the basic texture for the shirt and pants, and redid the gunbelt UVs, as well as shaped the gunbelt a bit better.

During the summer, I'll be able to work like this a lot more, as I will have finished all my elective classes.

Still, it's hard to believe this semester is almost over. It's even harder to believe that I have only two semesters left, one the summer semester, and then I'll get my MFA!

I've started looking for work. I don't know how the market is for those of us who haven't graduated yet, but maybe I'll find something. If not, well, in December, I'll have my bodacious demo reel finished and I think that will open a lot of doors.

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