Monday, April 4, 2011

The Beauty is in the Details

I finished a whole heap o' work these last couple weeks.  Here's a list of the things I did for the Bodacious Creed models:

1. Outline type details for Anna's muscles. (Women have thinner skin than men, so many structures are faintly visible on the surface. This sort of sculpting gives that impression.)

2. Fixed Creed's hands, arms, and feet. (They needed a few tweaks to make the anatomy look right.)

3. Modeled Creed's mask.

4. Retopologized Creed's shirt and pants.

5. Edited Creed's gun. (Before while it looked very Steampunk, those gears I put on it would get stuck in a real holster. Not something a gunslinger wants. So I made them more practical.)

6. Created base mesh for Anna's derringer.

7. Updated Anna's gloves, added garters, and skirt train.

8. Began sculpting Anna's blouse/bodice. (I have my weekly meeting with Chad today, and will ask him how it looks, and ask for pointers on that sort of sculpting of clothes. Then I'll dive into sculpting the rest.)

9. Made short knickers/old west panties for Anna.

10. Made Creed's gun belt and holsters.

More later, of course, and I'll try to do at least one vlog this week.

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