Saturday, December 11, 2010

Semester Wrapup

Hello everyone!

With the semester coming to a close (just one week left!), I'm getting certain things wrapped up. Those are:

1. Finishing up the Bodacious Creed head animation for Head Sculpture and Facial Expressions.  Basically, I need to make final tweaks to the animation, then do the final render.  I know, I didn't post much of it in the vlog, but I'm waiting to have it finished to post more.  I think it's looking pretty good.

2. Detailing Anna Lynn Boyd pre-texturing.  I got her up to what I think is the right, higher level of detail.  This, I should actually show in a vlog, come to think of it!

3. Detailing Bodacious Creed pre-zombification.  Like how I coined that term?  Or did I?  It seems to me that someone else must have used it before.  Anyway, I'm detailing in more of his muscles and bony landmarks, too.  The texture on him is looking very good, though I should probably still polish it up at the fingers and toes.  I'll be working on this the next couple of days, and I think I'll just show the further sculpted models in a vlog together.

Next semester, I'll continue with these characters.  Anna Lynn will get her texture, and Creed will get zombified and get all that great Steampunk technology built in.  I may also at least create the base mesh for Coconino, Creed's Steampunk/cybernetic coyote.

Also next semester, I'll be taking Introduction to Rigging.  As a 3D modeler, it's good to understand the processes later in the pipeline.  That way, I'll know better what the riggers need to get out of the models, and I'll therefore be a better modeler.

Plus, rigging, while quite technical, is fun, and a will be a nice skill to have.  With the rigging I've learned in Head Sculpture this semester, I've already rigged a 3D head for our YouTube show, Couch Zombies.  While eventually, we hope to have the show itself animated in Flash, I'd like to create some 20 second to 1 minute spots using 3D animation.  Hopefully they will be a draw in themselves and get more viewers to the show, and will be a nice change of pace for me, and the cast, to work on during the winter break.

'Till the next post, adios, Pardners.

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