Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paradigm Shift

The next step for working on the full body models of Bodacious Creed and Anna Lynn Boyd is a departure from what I thought would be next.  It's enough of a departure that I'm thinking of it as a paradigm shift.

I had figured I would model up to high detail on both before I textured them.

Then I realized something.

Many of those fine details we 3D modelers sculpt in must also be shown on the texture.  If I was creating textures from scratch for these characters, it would make sense to sculpt everything, then to use the details on the models as a basis for the textures.

It's different though when you're modeling after real people, and those details on their bodies--wrinkles, moles, and so on--are right there in the reference photos.  I figured it would make sense to get the models up to a moderately detailed level, where everything is shaped right and the major body landmarks are in place, and then texture.  Texture, before the real detail work is in there.  This way, I could then use the textures painted on the characters to refine the models, to know where all those details need to be.

With Bodacious Creed, there's another reason.  Both the body texture, coming directly from the photographs of the guy I chose as a reference, and the body, will initially look as he would have alive.  It makes sense to me to zombify the model and the textures in unison, which this will allow me to do.

So, even though Creed is at a slightly less detailed stage than Boyd, I've started texturing him.  I'm going to refine Anna a bit more, then start work on her too.

Oh, I asked my two modeling instructors about this, and they both said that this is a good methodology.

I'll be sharing pictures and probably a video soon!

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