Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More Tech, Plus Hair & Clothes

I'm adding quite a bit to my models!  I've started adding hair to the Bodacious Creed head model (I posted one image in the last entry, and will post another here), added some skull bones and more machinery to the full body Creed model, and I've started Anna Lynn's clothing.

I made cowboy boots for her, but I'm going to change those.  Josh actually drew fancier, lace-up shoes in the concept drawings of her.  I'm going to go back to that look, but you'll see the big 'ol cowboy boots in this video.

Since making this video yesterday, I've learned some new techniques in zBrush,and you'll get to see some of that in future videos!

First, the latest update of the hair.  The individual strands are thinner (and more realistic), and more strands have been added.  I also created the beard and mustache.

Second, the latest video!

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