Saturday, October 16, 2010

Textured Head

Before Bodacious Creed was a zombie, he had to die. And before he died, he was alive.

One of my super powers is stating the obvious.

As I've talked about in the vlog, for my Head Sculpture & Facial Expressions class, I'm modeling Creed's head as he was before he died.  This will also give me a strong basis for how he looked alive when I go to turn him into a Steampunk zombie.

In my latest vlog, I showed how I modeled six facial expressions for Creed, and applied them to his default head as blend shapes.  Since then, I textured his head.  It can probably use some more work, but this blog is about showing each step of my thesis progress.  So, here is an image showing the default expression, and three of the blend shapes.  More importantly though, you can see how the head currently looks textured.

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