Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Value of Input

Now, my thesis proposal is really shaping up! Not only do I have a great setting for my models, I also have a compelling story behind it. I have three intriguing characters (I plan to model only two for the thesis), and, well, the urge to work on the story while I work on the thesis.

This has definitely shown me the value of continuing to work on an initial idea, and not to jump into the design phase too early. It's also important to get input even in the early idea part of a creative project. Vince has continually pushed me to make my idea more unique, and more something that will show off my skills to movie studios.

I'm at the point of wondering, how much do I share here in my blog? I've never been afraid of having my ideas stolen before, but now I am. A little. I also know that by sharing specifics, that actually establishes my copyright. Someone could use a similar setting or idea--I can't copyright Old West Horror Steampunk as a genre--but the more their story looks like mine, the more I'd have a case by being able to show that I came up with them first.

How do others handle this?

Any ideas?

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