Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm not announcing my title yet, but I think I have a good one, something that sounds both Steampunk and Old West, but I think not in a heavy handed way.

I also have a list of media that has elements of what I want to do. This is a class assignment. In fact, it's not uncommon to create a reel of clips from movies to give an idea of what one wants to do with a movie or thesis.

Here's my list.

Firefly / Serenity - Joss Whedon's space western does a great job of creating a science fiction setting with old west cultural and stylistic elements.

Wild Wild West - This movie was silly, but the concept is similar to mine. I want my Old West Steampunk setting to be more serious. Still, some of the gadgets used in this movie may provide inspiration.

Back to the Future III - I believe they actually did a good job of capturing the Old West in this movie, but with the science fiction ovferlay of the time travelers. The serious bits here are closer to the feel I want.

The Dark Tower (Novels & Comics) - The feel here is even closer to what I'm going for. Stephen King's "Dark Tower" cycle, seven novels in all, is fantastic. It's a blend of Old West style--though the Old West type setting is actually in another world--horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Some of the technology that shows up is similar to what I want in mine. For instance, there are giant robots that look like animals, a psychotic supersonic train, and remnants of a company that, eons ago, nearly destroyed the world.

Doctor Who Series 2 episode, The Girl in the Fireplace - This episode of Doctor Who had some very interesting clockwork robots. These could be inspiring for some of the technology in my setting.

The Golden Compass - I still need to see this movie! But I understand it has some Steampunk elements, which could give me some ideas.

The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne - This is very much about knowing what's been done before in the Steampunk genre. This program had one season on SciFi, back before it was SyFy. I don't expect any Old West influence here, but rather, inspiration from the Steampunk side.

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