Friday, February 19, 2010

A Needed Upgrade

I'm not a "starving" artist, but I am an artist on a budget. And I needed a tablet upgrade, badly. I was using a Wacom Graphire that I had for years. It was all right, but not all right enough.

It'll be awhile before I can afford a Cintiq. One of these days! So today, I decided to get as much bang for my buck, and bought a Wacom Bamboo Fun. It has about twice the drawing space of my old Graphire, plus it has touch and stylus input, and 4 programmable keys! No more reaching for the keyboard when I'm sculpting in zBrush and want to switch to smooth, or turn my model around!

I can hardly wait to really start working with this. It's going to be such a boon to my art in general, and to my school work and my thesis specifically.

Here it is at Amazon.Com:

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